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Modern Sideboards Furniture UK | Infographic


Are you looking for storage space but don’t know where to start? Elegant and stylish sideboards and cabinets is just what you need.

A sideboard can be a highly useful addition to your home, and at the same time, act as a beautiful statement piece.


  • Sideboards were once furniture pieces that were reserved for the back of showrooms only. However, today, they are very popular as more people are choosing them for their sleek design as well as functional and versatile storage properties.
  • The term ‘sideboard’ can sometimes be confusing as they are known by different names, including credenza and buffet, which are both slightly different pieces of furniture, yet people seem to think they are the same as sideboards.
  • The truth is most sideboards are believed to be a dining room piece and this is why sometimes people call them a buffet.

Conventionally, they are used to store and tuck away plates and other tableware, although they are much, much more than that.

Many sideboards come with cabinets, making for an excellent way to keep your dining or living room clutter away from the main areas.

Sideboards and cabinets have become common in most British homes and here’s how they can be beneficial to yours:


When we talk about furniture and versatility, sideboards absolutely take the prize. They are perfectly at home with any kind of space or room, fulfilling multiple roles and providing the kind of functionality that few furniture pieces can match.

Whether you’re planning to build a chic living room storage & display area or add unique functionality to your master bedroom, a sideboard will never disappoint.

In fact, choose a modular sideboard and you have a piece of furniture in your home that can essentially evolve as and when needed.


  • Sideboards feature a low-level design, which gives them a very unique look and functionality, compared to other kinds of storage units.
  • Shelving and cabinets are often taller, providing plenty of storage space, although they often leave a little to be desired in terms of extended usability; particularly with tall storage pieces, you cannot effectively use the top of the unit to keep your things.
  • Sideboards do not pose this problem, and their highly distinctive aesthetics and stunning variety of styles provide for the ideal platform to display different things in some very unique ways.
  • It’s a great way to draw attention to certain things like special kitchenware, tableware or even photos and trophies, creating a beautiful feature that draws the eye with little effort.

You could even use the top shelf to display your possessions, including record players or other devices you use from time to time.

There’s always plenty of space on the top of sideboards, which means the low-level design will never force you to bend over or reach at awkward angles just to fetch something.


  • Want to add a little extra colour and ‘pop’ to your dining room?
  • Historically speaking, sideboards were made from wood only, where only the stain itself was used to introduce variations in the surface.
  • Today, however, sideboards come in varying materials to help you add the perfect blend of colour and vibrancy to your living spaces, offering slick contemporary finishes in bold and bright colours.
  • By adding a punch of colour to your dining room, for example, you can truly liven up the atmosphere, lending some of that visual vibrancy to even your dining room table and chairs.


It’s no secret that sideboards and cabinets have a very unique look to them. They’re available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, while also giving you many different colours and materials to choose from, until you find the perfect finish for your space.

There’s always something to appeal to everyone’s interior design tastes and budget.


If you check out the vast array of sideboards available at Furniture in Fashion (FiF), you’ll realise that they all boast a high degree of elegance in their designs. And we’re not just talking about design from a style perspective only.

  • The way they integrate with your space is highly distinct, compared to other storage units, creating a vibe that simple cannot be recreated using other kinds of furniture.
  • Their functionality and practicality is ‘next level’ too, providing so much storage within a single unit and taking a lot less space than other storage pieces.
  • No matter what kind of sideboard you choose, they will provide a wealth of benefits to your home.
  • Featuring unmatched style and practicality, our range of sideboards and cabinets will bring lots of storage space to your home, along with fresh and distinct visual appeal, whether you want them for your hallway, dining room or bedroom.

Use them as a striking standalone piece or combine beautifully with other furniture pieces from our range. Organise your favourite items in style and create a focal point in any room you wish, while getting rid of any unnecessary clutter.