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Modern Living Room Furniture, Living Room Sets & Packages UK

Browse modern and classic living room furniture styles. Choose from our wide range of Living Room Furniture Collections, TV Stands ,Sideboards , Sofas , Coffee Tables , Nest of Tables Telephone Tables , Console , Tables , Bookcases , Display Cabinets & Occasional Side Tables. The living room is one of the most loved rooms in your home and it is where many memories are enjoyed and shared

Living Room Furniture

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Transform Your Living Room With Our Great Range Of Furniture!
We have a fantastic assortment of living room furniture that’s guaranteed to please everyone. Our catalogue is extremely diverse and contains so many different living room furniture sets that are tailored to certain styles and tastes. Whether you’re looking for a modern look full of white living room furniture or opting for something more traditional and timeless; we’ve got you covered. Read More

Everyone’s living room is unique, but its purpose is the same no matter which home you go into. You use your living room as a nice relaxed hub for your home. It’s the place everyone goes to sit down, watch TV, and congregate as a family. However, it’s also the main area of your home that guests will see, with evening parties held there, and general get-togethers for coffee with your friends. Therefore, it’s vital you create the perfect room for every occasion, and find the ideal furniture to help you strike the right balance.

Here at Furniture in Fashion, we supply living room furniture packages that won’t put a dent in your savings. Our value for money is second to none, and will bring increased practicality to your living room - along with the dazzling beauty of course!
Here’s What Your Living Room Could Enjoy…
Wonderful Wooden Pieces
If you’re looking for a timeless classic, then our range of wooden furniture is bound to please. We have an assortment of different looks, ranging from traditional and classy to modern living room designs. This is perfect if you’re trying to give your living room a stylish look that’s not too brazen or in your face. There are dozens of wooden living room furniture pieces on offer; wow your guests with sideboard furniture, create more space with nesting tables or give your books a home with a grand bookcase. Feel free to check out all our wooden offerings, Living Furniture Sale to see everything we’ve got in store!

Energise Your Room With A Coffee Table
Provide your living room with a centrepiece by getting your hands on one of our stylish coffee tables. We’ve got an array of different designs; all modern, and all created to add to the aesthetic appeal of your room. Choose a marble coffee table if you really want to make a statement, or opt for the stone to provide a sleek and contemporary look. Regardless of what style you choose, you’re certain to make this coffee table the talking point of your living room.

Truly Unique Novelty Furniture
Living rooms can quickly become very drab and repetitive. Everyone likes to copy each other's styles, so it’s hard to create a unique look anymore. Well, step forward our extraordinary range of novelty furniture for you to buy. We have so many exciting chairs in unique styles such as Bistro and Panton, along with outrageously modern looks. This furniture is specially designed to look different and turn heads. Absolutely idea if you want a showstopping social space in your home.

Stylish Sofas That Take Comfort To New Levels
The sofa is arguably the most important part of every living room. It’s the main piece of furniture, the thing everyone will sit or lie on, and the piece that draws the most attention. As such, you need a great sofa that combines comfort and style for the perfect look. Luck for you, we have a huge diversity of modern sofas in many different styles and fabrics. From leather sofas to sofa beds, and even deep set tub chairs - it’s impossible not to find something to suit your tastes.

Smart Storage For A Practical Living Room
Improve the practicality of your living room with some space-saving storage solutions. We’ve got stylish storage cabinets with doors, beautiful bookcases, dazzling display stands, sumptuous sideboards - and so much more. All of our storage options can be bought in different materials too; from classic wood to modern glass, the choice is yours!

Accessorise Your Living Room With Wall Art
All good outfits are brought together with accessories, and the same can be said for interior design. To bring your living room together as a gorgeous space, you need to hang some art on your walls. We have some fantastic contemporary designs that add class and elegance to your room. They come in a variety of gorgeous frames that further increase the appeal of your living area.

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Don’t be afraid to contact us today if you have any questions or want to learn more about our impressive collection of modern furniture. We’ll answer your queries right away, and ensure you can get on with decorating your living room. Read Less

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