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Furniture Wholesale, Bolton, UK

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Furniture in Fashion was established in 1998 as an important division to complement domestic furniture in Bolton manufactured by a German-based warehouse. Furniture in Fashion specializes in hardwood dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom furniture in Bolton. Furniture in Fashion also offers quality home, office and garden furniture. Our entire selection can be browsed online on our website from the convenient category selections at the top.

Wholesale Modern & Contemporary Furniture

Furniture in Fashion offers large discounts for bulk wholesale orders. Customers that have the storage space and physical access to purchase bulk furniture from us will receive rates up to 50% cheaper than our standard trading prices. Shipping costs, transport charges and port fees are all included in our prices. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase furniture wholesale for discounted prices.

We are a trusted supplier of wholesale furniture that has been around since 1998. We previously operated as an import division to complement domestic furniture here in Bolton, but have expanded our operation to offer cheap but well-constructed and designed furniture at wholesale prices. Furniture in Fashion offers excellent customer support and lines of contact for all of our wholesale clients.

Discount Furniture for All

Our discount furniture is purchased by a wide range of different industries and businesses. Most of our customers are resellers with their own furniture stores, but our modern & contemporary furniture selection is also fantastic for renovation teams and even to equip hotels. Whenever you need a bulk purchase of sturdy, reliable and well-designed furniture, Furniture in Fashion has you covered.

With prices up to 50% cheaper than the standard trade value, bulk purchases are a fantastic way to get your furniture store off the ground and equip your company with a wide selection of different furniture pieces to sell to your customers. From simple desks to living room furniture and even bedroom items, we stock everything that you could think of.

Modern & Contemporary Furniture Designs

We ensure that all of our furniture pieces are designed with both style and functionality in mind. Many of the items we offer are actually unique and can’t be found elsewhere. We also believe that high-quality materials are a necessity in all of the products we offer.

Our mission is to deliver simple and elegant furniture pieces that are sustainable and stylish. We work with furniture brands both large and small who are passionate about designing furniture pieces that are modern & contemporary. We also offer sleek designs, glass furniture and even pieces that are illuminated with LED lights and furnished in different shades. You’ll find a huge selection of furniture on our site and we’d be more than happy to provide a furniture wholesale service so that your customers can also have access to our unique selection.

Quality You Can Trust

We’re not just a furniture retailer that sells in bulk–we’re actually manufacturers as well. We work together with teams across Europe to manufacture quality furniture items that are delivered straight to our 500,000 square foot warehouse in Germany. Our products have had a strong online presence across many UK furniture stores and you’ll often see our products being sold through our dropshipping services or other furniture stores that have purchased in bulk from us.

Our mission is to improve the lives of our customers with superior furniture products at an affordable price. We always do our best to provide excellent customer service and our support staff are civil and polite. We treat all of our clients with the same respect and we’re always open to help other businesses who want to be a part of our business model.

Before Making a Purchase

It’s important to ensure that you have all the space needed to accept a large bulk purchase of our furniture. This will require a relatively large warehouse and you’ll also need easy access to reach your storage area. Before making a purchase, please ensure that you have the right equipment and access to make the delivery run smoothly.

This will involve having access to a forklift and the relevant staff members to unload the furniture. Although our prices do include shipping, transport and port fees, we can’t help once you once we’ve arrived and delivered your items.

Furniture Wholesale Enquiries

If you’re interested in working together with Furniture in Fashion, please refer to the contact information below to get in touch with one of our representatives.

14 Stone Hill Road
Express Trading Estate 
BL4 9TP 
Tel : 01204 792700 

[email protected]

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