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Shop all the latest models and get the best deals on TV Stands, TV cabinets, media benches, TV units with storage , corner TV stand and entertainment units. Choose from solid wood, tempered glass and quality high gloss finishes. We stock modern and classic living room furniture that will enhance any home . Buy now for fast FREE UK standard delivery !

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Buy TV stands, units & cabinets online UK
It’s TV Time
Finding the right TV stand for your room is crucial for the perfect optimum viewing experience and for ensuring that your TV fits into the aesthetic and style of the space.

You might want your TV to be the centrepiece of the room or to be as unobtrusive as possible. You can achieve either with the right stand. TV Stands can provide the perfect height for the TV, ideal storage opportunities for media and perhaps a unique piece of furniture for your room. Read More

You can use your TV stand to put your accessories on as well from the sound system to the blue-ray player and any other entertainment device that you might connect to it. To do this, you need the stand with the right amount of space that fits into the design of your room. Do you love lying back on the sofa, watching the TV by yourself or with the rest of your family? Then, it’s time to find the right stand to make sure that your TV is in a perfect position. Here at Furniture in Fashion, we can make sure you find the best TV units or TV cabinets for your room.

Classic Wooden Stands
For more traditional room styles, you may want to opt for one of our wooden TV stands for your TV. Wooden stands are sturdy, durable and may match the furniture in your room. The dark and light shades of wood can also add to a stunning design. As well as this, our wooden TV cabinets have plenty of storage space, shelves, and cupboards, perfect for keeping your favourite films and TV shows neat and tidy. We know what you want from a TV cabinet. You want it to look totally minimalistic, clean and clear. With all of your blu rays tucked away, you can keep them out of sight but still have them nearby when you’re ready to watch one of your favourite movies.

A wooden TV stand can also be seamlessly integrated into any room style and look fantastic. Our wooden TV stands come in a range of different shapes and sizes, so we guarantee you will find one that fits perfectly into your living area.

Gorgeous Glass Stands
If you want to be a little more daring, you could opt for a beautiful glass TV stand for your room. Glass TV stands look incredible, particularly under bright lights and fit perfectly into a contemporary room design. You can have a TV stand that looks fantastic, while still offering plenty of space for all your needs and purposes. Our Glass TV stands can be purchased in clear or black finish so you will be able to match the colour and shade of the rest of the room.

Scratch resistant and made of the highest quality metal, you will find our TV stands stay looking brand new for years, making them the perfect choice for a family home.

Your TV, Your Choice
We realise that there are a number of ways to set up your TV in your room. You can hang it from the wall with a TV stand with bracket or set it a certain height with a TV stand with mount. It is entirely your choice, and we make things easy by providing stands that provide a wide range of options. Perhaps you want to make sure that your TV takes up as little room as possible in a smaller room. If that’s the case, you can use a bracket or perhaps choose from one of our corner TV stands. As the name suggests, these stands fit snugly into the corner of a room and will always be the perfect fit.

Our stands will provide the support for different sizes of TVs both big and small as well as space for the necessary accessories to get the true cinematic experience. So, whether you’re indulging in a spectacular 4K display or watching your favourite show on a smaller TV, you will have the stand you need for the ultimate setup and perfect experience.

Our Entertainment stands & units can even provide you with a wider space for a larger set of kit so that you can make your TV the entertainment centre of your home. Add a games console, 3D player, 4K player, music player and speaker system all in one place. Or keep all the devices hidden and connected, using our TV units with storage.

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If you have more questions about finding the right TV stand for your home contact us today and a helpful member of our team will be happy to assist you. Read Less

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