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European Manufacturer Of The Year

European Manufacturer Of The Year

Furniture in Fashion: High On Quality But Low on Prices

"Asad Shamim, CEO of Furniture in Fashion, talks about the USP’s of Furniture in Fashion and tells us what makes this online retailer special."

triangleFurniture in Fashion, an online retailer of high-quality products, was established in 2007. High-quality furniture at extremely affordable prices are the main reasons that have helped it grow and become one of the most reputed and an industry leader. Every customer has a specific budget, requirement, taste, and need- Furniture in Fashion cater to one and all. From a flourishing retail business to spreading its expertise to the online market, Furniture in Fashion is definitely different and unique from its competitors.

Asad Shamim gets candid and talks about Furniture in Fashion and its pillars of strengths. ‘The warehouse and showroom are based in Farnworth near Bolton in the UK, spread across 3.25 acres. Over the years we have expanded our reach and today we import our services across a number of countries across the globe. At present, we are the largest online furniture store in the UK with a strong and effective online presence and customer base. Furniture in Fashion has carved a niche for itself in the world of furniture and was the first to bring in high-quality German manufactured products for its valued customers. From TV stands to coffee tables, living room sets, sideboards and much more; we got everything from our 500,000 square foot warehouse based in Germany. We consider this as one of the main reasons for our continued growth and success.’

Fashion in Furniture has set a benchmark in the industry and it’s ever increasing popularity shows the reliability and trust they have built over the years by offering the best quality products. Asad continues ‘We extended our production to the far East, including China and Malaysia, and have maintained professional and trustworthy relationships with our valued manufacturers in France and Italy. Furniture in Fashion is not limited to being a retailer but an established manufacturer as well.’

So how does one stay ahead of the cut-throat competition? How does Furniture in Fashion continue to be a leader? What makes Furniture in Fashion different from the competition?

Asad gives us the answers, ‘Being a large stockholder is the first and most important factor which makes us different from our competitors. We do not have a drop shipping model, in which case customers assume that the goods they have ordered are coming directly from the company, but that’s not how it works. Our competitors have alluring and attractive web platforms, with a large list of products that are sent directly from the importer/wholesaler and not from their own manufacturing unit. Fashion in Furniture is a producer of quality products and that gives us an edge on our pricing and production of any and every design possible. We change our products to keep pace with the market trends and offer unique products that cater to varying tastes and lifestyles.’

Being a producer of goods definitely, has a number of advantages and Furniture in Fashion is an example that clearly proves that! ‘There are many large industry players with large store groups and a well-established client base. The competition is definitely very intense and the competitors have a large buying capacity. Tesco is a global brand, and thus it’s natural that people want to do business with them. The immense volume and traffic Tesco enjoys are sure to benefit anyone. That’s what we consider our real competition, making a mark for ourselves against the large store groups. This is one of the main reason we decided to manufacture and produce our own line of products, it makes it easy for us to offer quality and attractive products at an affordable price, keeping us ahead of our competitors. Large E-commerce giants, like Amazon, have approached us with inquiries for our products.’

Asad further tells us about the ever-changing and dynamic nature of the industry. This makes it important and necessary for Furniture in Fashion to be updated and keep pace with the changes. All emerging developments and changes need to be considered and brought in to be able to thrive, survive and make a mark in the market.

‘When we evaluate trends, we look across regions to assess the market trends.

We are updated with the latest developments in Europe and across the globe. The market in the UK follows the European market with a gap of 6-12 months. Gauging the European market thus makes it possible for us to gauge the trends that are likely to come in. We take our research very seriously and work towards it aggressively. We keep ourselves updated with what’s selling and what’s not. We manufacture some small test products that indicate on what is going to be in great demand, in volumes, in the coming future.’

All the research and investigation across the global market has definitely helped Furniture in Fashion become the success that it is today. Additionally, the company has also managed to save on costs by expanding their team of staff abroad. All the processes carried out are highly efficient and diligently planned, together making it a smooth and successful one. Asad tells us how the efficiency is being increased, ‘We opened a call center in India, two years ago, because of the heavy cost of having staff in the UK.

The staff at the call center manages various tasks and responsibilities, including customer service, sales and administration and other necessary tasks. This has helped us save a lot and these savings are now being used for marketing purposes. It’s a double win! Our quality control staff is based in the UK, at the warehouse, making it possible to thoroughly check each and every product before it reaches our customers. This is something that makes us unique and stands apart from our competitors.’

Affordable prices in no way mean a compromise to the quality of products for Furniture in Fashion. Due checks and thorough quality checks are ensured for every product to ensure 100% satisfaction. So what are the future plans for Furniture in Fashion? Asad tells us about his plan to make Furniture in Fashion a globally acclaimed brand, expanding beyond UK and Europe.

‘We plan to be the largest online retailers and producers of furniture in the UK. We are aiming at tapping into other markets like the UAE and USA to build a global brand name. We have been in conversation with other companies that are interested in collaborating with us. Most of the products we offer are not available in other countries, and the available ones are highly priced. This has generated a lot of interest in our products. Our plan is to evaluate and assess these markets to see if we can establish Fashion in Furniture in these markets too.’

Looking at the constant growth and success, it seems highly possible that the plans are going to work! Furniture in Fashion has undoubtedly changed the industry and it only seems to be growing bigger and better!
Company: Furniture In Fashion
Name: Asad Shamim, CEO
Email: [email protected]
Web Address: www.furnitureinfashion.net
Address: Furniture In Fashion House, 14 Stone Hill Road,
Express Trading Estate, Farnworth, BL4 9TP
Telephone: 01204 792700