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Oak Table

Furniture in Fashion wants to ensure you get the best home furniture online. This page lists the closest product matches to solid oak tables you can buy online. We have millions of furniture, decor, and housewares options to help you find the right solution for you and your home. You can browse our extensive selection of brands offering high-quality oak tables. You can search again or use the navigation at the top of this page if you don't find the right product for you.

Oak is a great timber for making a table. Oak is strong and durable due to its long, slow-growing grain. It also comes in a wide variety of tones, from light yellow to dark brown that will suit modern interiors. Oak is a native tree in most of Europe and North America, so past makers didn't have to worry about reducing its use. This is because the best-dried boards can be selected and milled thicker than other imported timbers. Oak does have a tendency to shift and crack over time, but this does not affect the overall piece. Instead, it adds to its story and character.

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You can rest assured that an antique or vintage oak table will last for decades with minimal upkeep. Oak is a more durable hardwood than exotic hardwoods that are polished to a fragile finish. Instead, it can be sealed with simple wax or, more recently, clear lacquer. Antique oak is a great choice for your home, whether you're looking for an elegant side table, a Farmhouse table, or a coffee table.

Why choose a solid oak dining table?

You are thinking of updating your dining room or moving into a new home. A matching set of oak chairs and a dining table will give you a solid foundation with plenty of room for growth. Furniture in Fashion's eclectic, edited selections will allow you to find something that speaks to you. You'll find two types of oak hardwood as you browse. White oak is the most durable, with a beige-to-brown hue that darkens over time. This effect is evident on our antique and vintage oak tables. The pinkish hue of red oak gives your space a more dramatic look.

Oak Table

Oak Table

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Be consistent, and you will discover the personality of your room. Furniture in Fashion was born out of a passion for design, especially the uniqueness, personality, and craftsmanship of the furniture. To find a truly unique piece, dive into the history of several finishes, eras, and more details. This will help you find an oak table that you love and support a circular, sustainable economy.

You can explore a huge range of oak tables at Furniture in Fashion and get the best one as per your needs. An oak table is a great choice for the dining area due to its warmth and solidity. Furniture in Fashion offers dining tables with oak veneers over pine in two colours: harvest oak and deep ebony. These tables create a warm and inviting space. These tables look great with modern or rustic furniture. Now you need to start thinking about the guests. Now it's time for friends to gather around this beautiful table. To complete the setting, you can add high-backed oak chairs to make it even more spectacular.

Oak Table