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Modern nightstands, Shop Furniture in Fashion UK

Modern nightstands

Bedside tables and nightstands are excellent choices for your living area. They resemble accent tables in size and design, making this a simple transition even if you wish to use furniture you currently own. Nightstands often include some built-in storage, and at the very best, a combination of both open and closed versions, unlike many end and side tables which are simply legs attached to a tabletop.

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Types of nightstands

With legs

These can be used to hold a lamp and a few nightstand things. They take up less room and are appropriate for tiny spaces. Some of them could have just one drawer.

With storage

These are standard bedside tables with storage, and a lamp is placed on the top. They resemble a chest of drawers more. Magazines, periodicals, and other little materials that are used every day can be stored.


These cabinets, which have drawers and doors, are nightstands. They provide ample space for storage to keep your bedroom clutter-free. In these kinds of nightstands, valuables and wallets are safe to keep.


  • ● A modern nightstand is a piece of furniture that serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. A stylish bedside table will contribute to a comfortable bedroom ambiance. Furniture in Fashion offers quality products at reasonable pricing.
  • ● On top of a modern nightstand table, objects like books, picture frames, lamps, and alarm clocks can be arranged. Look for designs with drawers for more functionality and convenience so you can store all of your necessary belongings, including your wallet, jewelry, keys, paperwork, etc.
  • ● From small end tables to big dressers, there are many different sizes available for modern nightstands. When determining the appropriate size for your purposes, there are a few things to bear in mind. First, think about how much room you have in your bedroom. You should pick a nightstand that doesn't take up a lot of space if your room is small. Second, consider how much storage you'll require. A larger nightstand with lots of drawers and shelves is what you need if you have a lot of items you want to store close by your bed.
  • ● A modern nightstand contributes to the equilibrium of the bedroom's decor. It can organize the clutter in the room and go well with the bed. Additionally, bedside tables can be embellished in a variety of ways to match your interior design.
  • ● You can keep the books you've been reading on the nightstand next to your bed without getting out of bed before you nod off. You can also set the phones, laptops, and other electronic devices that you used just before going to bed on the table.

Modern nightstands

Modern nightstands

Furniture in Fashion offers a wide selection of modern and contemporary nightstands for your living room and bedroom that are available in a variety of finishes. Shop with confidence there. From modern designs to rustic marvels, Furniture in Fashion has a diverse selection of side tables that UK residents are sure to adore. You'll be astounded by the excellent side tables they have available at prices that won't break the bank when you browse their entire inventory.

Modern nightstands