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Modern Lighting

More than a piece of furniture or an ornament, trendy lighting can mimic specific sensations and bits of knowledge to create an aura. Determining the experience we want to complete is crucial when designing a space. While white and direct lighting engages our brains and enables us to perceive finer details, dim and indirect lighting creates a more cosy environment that promotes leisure. Considering modern lighting at the outset of a project is paramount because it is a crucial component of interior design.

Modern lighting for different places

At Furniture in Fashion, you can get contemporary lighting, including bathroom, ceiling, chandelier, wall, spotlights, and outdoor lights.

1. Mankato opal glass bathroom ceiling lighting

On the roof of any elegant bathroom, this white flush fitting with an opal glass shade looks magnificent. The opal glass dome of the lamp, which has a 28cm diameter and creates gentle lighting effects for a serene ambience, looks chic and contemporary day and night. This bloom fitting is also totally splashproof and has an IP44 rating.

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2. Elise crystal button drops modern lighting.

A striking focal point for any bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen is this Elise Chrome 3-Light Fitting with Crystal Button Drops and Aluminum Tubes Trim. Aluminium tubes are strung together and straightened out around the circumference of the circular fitting with a chrome finish.

3. Single led spot light with bubble effect

Your bathroom wall will look fantastic with this Bubbles chrome 4W LED wall spotlight. All bathrooms can use the trendy chrome fitting because of its IP44 protection, which surrounds an LED light in a fun and fashionable bubble impact shade.

4. Ariana's red cracked glass pendant light

A striking focal point for any bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen ceiling is the Crackle Red Mosaic glass pendant ceiling light with a chrome accent. Oval-shaped pendant lights generate a lovely lighting effect when illuminated, and the ornate red Crackle glass appearance is a modern trend that combines an exquisite distinction with stunning good looks.

5. Marie Therese crystal wall lighting

The magnificent Marie Therese 2 light wall bracket has an aristocratic style that is ideal for giving a theatrical touch to any living room. It has a polished chrome finish.

Modern Lighting

Modern Lighting

6. Toronto outdoor wall bracket lighting 

A vintage porch light with a definite marine vibe is this Well Glass IP44 Matt Black Outdoor Wall Lantern. This intelligent interpretation of a traditional lantern design has a matte black cage-like frame, domed top, and circular wall bracket.

Prefer Furniture in Fashion for Lighting

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Modern Lighting