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Glass top dining table, Shop Furniture in Fashion UK

Glass top dining table

No matter the décor style of your home, whether modern, antique, or classic, glass has many distinctive qualities that make it suitable as a table top. Glass has an unrivaled range of applications that can optimize your home design. Glass-topped dining tables give off an air of elegance and sophistication and can completely change how your dining area appears and feels. Glass has benefits that set it apart from other table kinds, despite the fact that it can be a sensitive material.

Elegant look

Almost every contemporary interior design theme is complemented by a glass top dining table. It gives the dining room a touch of formality and grandeur. To achieve a harmonious appearance, pair a glass tabletop with wood, leather, chrome, and other glass furniture.

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Protecting priceless hardwood furniture is one of a glass top dining table's most crucial roles. The worst thing that can happen to your antique dining table or credenza is for it to get scratched or soiled by an inattentive relative. The best way to prevent stains and scratches from damaging the wood is to cover the tabletop in clear glass.

Opens up living space

Glass' transparency gives the appearance of more space in open-plan homes or homes where square footage is at a premium. For instance, a glass top dining table provides for uninterrupted views while allowing more light to seep through, but a wooden or metal table top blocks the view to the rest of your . The interior appears larger, brighter, and more welcoming as a result.

Lighten up

Transparent glass can produce a lovely shimmer and sparkle when exposed to sunlight, which can help lighten up a space.

Glass top dining table

Glass top dining table


You can be confident that, unlike wood or other surfaces, you can totally sanitize and maintain cleanliness with ease. Glass is impermeable to liquids and bacteria, and spills can be cleaned up so easily. Some homeowners are concerned that glass would expose fingerprints and dirt, but glass counters make it simpler to spot mistakes and swiftly clean them with a swipe of a rag. If you have children, you don't need to worry about the glass being brittle because Furniture in Fashion makes a strong, resilient glass top dining table that can withstand even the messiest children.

Visual appeal

Your dining room will look more appealing if you invest in a lovely glass dining table. It highlights the color, pattern, and elegance of the primary material (metal or wood), raising the bar for your interior design. Glass' transparency ensures that the appeal of your room is never overshadowed. To make glass tables more noticeable, they should be matched with stylish dining chairs. Your dining room will have a distinctive appearance if you place a striking area rug under the table.

A variety of dining tables with glass tops are available at Furniture in Fashion. Your dream dining set can be completed by choosing your favorite wooden base from their collection and adding one of their wonderful fabric or leather dining chairs. Contact them for more details.

Glass top dining table