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Choosing new furniture is by no means an easy task. You reserve every right to be picky and take your time, mulling over different options to suit your home. At the end of the day, our homes tend to be our pride and joy. They’re the biggest and most costly financial investment we make in our lives. They’re the spaces we call home. They’re where we spend time with friends and family. They’re where we kick back and relax. You’re going to want to make sure that your home is functional and stays looking great, with your furniture playing a major role in this. Here at Furniture in Fashion, we offer a wide range of furniture to suit every need, preference and taste.

Furniture in Fashion

If you’re looking for quality, modern or contemporary furniture, you’re in the right place. Here at Furniture in Fashion, we have everything you need to furnish any room in your home.

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Living Room

The living room or lounge tends to be the heart of the home. Whether you’re looking for comfortable sofas, convenient sofa beds, coffee tables, consoles, end tables, TV stands, bookcases, shelving units, storage solutions or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

Dining Room

Whether you’re planning on furnishing your dining room for nightly family meals or dinner parties on special occasions, we’ve got what you need. Browse our range of dining table sets, including tables, chairs and more.


Quality furniture is key to being able to relax and unwind in your bedroom. Take a look at our beds and mattress to get the perfect night’s rest. We also offer great storage options, including wardrobes and chests of drawers.

Why Choose Furniture in Fashion?

Furniture in Fashion is the leading, biggest and best online store for anyone seeking quality, stand out, up to date furniture. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality furniture at the best price.p>



Modern and Contemporary

There’s a place for every type of furniture out there. Some people can’t get enough of that vintage, classic or old-fashioned look. However, at Furniture in Fashion, we pride ourselves on our range of modern and contemporary furniture - the clue is in the name. We like to stay on trend, keep up to date and offer the widest selection of on-trend options for you to choose from.


We’ve been operating since 2007 from our warehouse in the up-and-coming town of Farnworth, Bolton. We know what it takes to choose and deliver the exact type of furniture you’re looking for. We specialise in identifying new trends and finding the right stockists to ensure we have the perfect range available for your browsing. It’s our aim to make you happy. We want to tick your boxes and provide you with furniture that will make your house feel like a home.

Furniture in Fashion really is your best bet when it comes to finding quality furniture at a good price. Feel free to get in touch for further information and advice on any of our modern and contemporary furniture.