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Contemporary Sofa

Furniture in Fashion has a wide selection of leather and fabric contemporary sofas. You can find the perfect sofa for your home and budget, whether you are redecorating, buying a new house, or replacing an old one. Sofas with fabric upholstered cushions create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Contemporary sofas are available in many colours, including vibrant and modern colours. Most upholstered sofas can be used as a two or 3-person sofa. However, there are larger sofas that can accommodate four people. We have everything for your need.

Select the Right Sofa for Your Space 

No matter what style you choose, there is a sofa that will fit perfectly in your living room, studio apartment, or family room here at Furniture in Fashion. Every sofa is different. We offer a variety of leather and fabric couches in many styles and colours. Modern, contemporary, beach-style, and loft-style sofas are all available. Some sofas have armrests, others without them. Others are covered with slip-covered cushions. Leather sofas can be durable, luxurious, and comfortable. Our leather sofas are handcrafted from 100% top-grain vintage distressed leather. Many of our sofas can be matched with the ottoman or chair, or loveseat. 

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Every type of contemporary sofa is available.

Before you buy a new contemporary sofa, consider all the options. We offer a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from so that you can find the perfect sofa for your home.  

Design for Living 

  To determine which style sofa you want, look around at the decor in your home. Contemporary sofa designs are more straight-lined and more angular. The sofa's upholstered cushions are firm, and the base is often raised to show the legs. Contemporary sofas have very short legs, or they hide them. Although many of our modern designs have straight lines, these sofas are more comfortable than traditional ones and can be paired with plush cushions to create a luxurious appearance. 

Choose the right size. 

Your living space will determine the size of your sofa. Sofas with three or more seating options are possible in large spaces. Extra-deep seats can also be accommodated in larger rooms. You can stretch out if you have a chaise on one side of the sofa. Furniture in Fashion has a large range of contemporary sofas that are perfect for beautifying the overall appearance of your living space.  

Contemporary Sofa

Contemporary Sofa


  You can arrange the parts of a sectional sofa to your liking. You can also pair a sofa with matching seats so that your guests will have somewhere to rest. You could place a mid-century modern chair against the living room wall and then position a mid-century modern sofa on one side.

A contemporary sofa can be placed in the corner of your living room to fit into smaller spaces. You can either snuggle up on a loveseat or choose a sofa with storage. To access the storage underneath the cushions, lift the seats. You can also combine your sofa and bed if you have limited space or need to accommodate unexpected guests. Hence, Furniture in Fashion has everything you need to add flair to your living room.

Contemporary Sofa