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Contemporary Rugs

Modern rugs are a great accent piece in any room. Contemporary rugs can be used to define the style and colour scheme of a space, protect floors and absorb the sounds of daily life. Modern rugs can protect your floors from daily wear and tear and provide comfort for your feet. They are not cold hardwood or tile flooring. Designer area rugs are a great way to add sophistication and colour to your living or bedroom. We at Furniture in Fashion provide you with a large range of contemporary rugs to shop from. Consider the size, weave, and material of your rug when shopping for one. A modern rug that is boldly patterned, such as stripes or chevron, will complement your modern style.

All about Contemporary Rugs: 

Modern rug designs feature bold colour combinations, geometric or free-form elements, as well as contrasts. These rugs are considered modern and architectural and have a lot of influence from art deco and other arts and crafts periods. While a modern rug design may be a nod toward the past, it is forward-thinking and very modern. Modern rugs can be used to brighten up any space in your home. Our wide array of contemporary rugs is sure to cater to your needs, and you will surely find a suitable option at Furniture in Fashion.

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Pattern and Colour:

Modern rugs come in many colours and styles. They can add energy and personality to any space. You can choose from many sizes and shapes to find the right one for you. Our majority of contemporary rugs are in the black, brown, blue, and green ranges. Shapes tend to be rectangular and circular. There are many other colours and shapes available.

What is the best material to make a modern rug from?

  There are many options for contemporary area rugs, from natural fibres to synthetic materials. But the best carpet material will depend on your intended use of your rug--and your budget. We have rugs made from high-quality materials. Natural fibres such as wool, jute, and sea grass can add texture and variety to spaces, but they may not be practical in high-trafficked areas that are prone to dirt and grime. We also have handmade rugs that are unique and can be costly. However, they work well in master bedrooms where there is little to no traffic. Professional cleaning is not necessary. Although synthetic materials don't have the same appeal as natural fibres, there are many contemporary area rugs that are made from man-made materials. They feel soft and luxurious underfoot and offer beautiful patterns and easy maintenance, making them perfect for children's rooms and casual living spaces.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Rugs

Modern Rugs 

Area rugs are a great way to transform any space. Modern homes don't have carpeting, so new homeowners should consider buying rugs for their floors. It is easy to see that buying a few rugs for your home will be a matter of personal taste. Consider the overall decor of your home before you buy a rug. Also, think about what type of rug you want, such as contemporary or modern Persian rugs or any other styles. At Furniture in Fashion, you will find all types of contemporary rugs at affordable prices.

Contemporary Rugs