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Enhance your bedroom or living room with our collection of modern Rugs for Sale UK. Choose from a variety of styles including fluffy, grey, blue, and pink, as well as classic Persian designs. Explore our range of floor rugs in different sizes, from small to large, and add a touch of sophistication to your space. Whether you prefer a round or beige rug, our diverse selection caters to your style preferences for a cozy and stylish home.

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For such a simple item, a rug can really transform a room. Depending on the room, the size, and the aesthetic you’re aiming for, there’s seemingly a rug for every occasion. From modern rugs to add a breath of fresh air and colour to classically comfy wool, it can be a hard decision to make.

Here, we’re going to look at four popular kinds of rugs, as well as different options within them, and how you can use them in the home.

Modern Rugs

For those who want an extra dose of colour in their room or are focusing on creating a more contemporary interior, modern rugs may be just the option for you. They are some of the most eclectic and varied types of rugs out, also making them some of the most popular options on the market since they add something of a more personal touch.

Modern rugs also include designer originals, often with hand-woven, tufted, or stitched designs that add a unique layer of tactile variety to them as well as a fresh look. Modern rugs also opt for a cleaner look, lacking the borders and fringes of the other variety, adding a certain simplicity to their design.

Cheap Rugs UK

Cheap Rugs UK

Patterned Rugs

Attention-grabbing and eclectic, patterned rugs are exactly as they sound. These rugs come in a wide variety of patterns, including stripes, zig-zags, swirls, triangular and even funky abstract shapes. Much like modern rugs, they serve excellently as a focal point of the room, sure to stand out from the rest of the aesthetic, providing the contrast that helps reinforce the look of the room.

There are patterned rugs that evoke more traditional and classic designs, too, including soft florals, rustic tartans, and other more picture-perfect symbols. They’re an easy, cost-effective way to make a statement and inject a little more personality in a room that’s more minimalist by design. Like modern rugs, patterned rugs tend to lack borders and fringes, letting the design speak for itself.

Large rugs

For those of you with plenty of room to make a big statement, large rugs might be just what you need. There are rugs that come in a variety of styles, from plain to modern to patterned to vintage, including Large and Oversize.

Adding a large rug can help ensure that a room with a lot more space doesn’t feel bare or have that feeling of looking more like a showroom than an actual part of the home. It can be the perfect touch of softness making the central part of the living room feel more welcoming, as well as helping to improve the acoustics so sound doesn’t have a hollow echo to it. With a huge variety of large and oversize rugs, there are varieties to fit every taste.

Wool rugs

Traditional, simplistic, and incredibly comfy, wool rugs are a classic piece to add to any room. That’s not to say that all wool rugs are the same, however. Wool rugs can come with a variety of designs based on where the wool came from, any dye or treatments, as well as extras like patterns cross-stitched into the surface.

Wool is hard-wearing, as well as versatile. So long as it’s quality wool, this natural fabric is one of the most durable options on the market, perfect for homes that see a lot of foot traffic and especially families with little ones running around. What’s more, thanks to the fact that it’s so dense, it naturally repels water and moisture, so it’s easy to clean up a wool rug provided you don’t give the spill time to settle in.

What goes into the choice of a rug?

With so many varieties of different rugs, picking the right one for your room can depend on a lot of different factors. The size of the area and the placement of the rug matters, of course. For big, open spaces, large rugs are key. If you want the maximum visual impact for a smaller space, bright and funky patterned rugs may be more appropriate. The amount of care you want to put into maintaining a rug is just as important. For those who want rugs that are durable and need little care, wool might be the option for you.

Hopefully, the range of Furniture in Fashion rugs will help you to find the right rug for your room. There are as many different kinds of rugs even within the four types mentioned above. Take your time, use the room for inspiration, and you can find just the one that really ties it all together.