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Novo Modern Umbrella Stand In Black

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Novo Modern Umbrella Stand In Black Includes extreme charm and a 'magnetic' quality
Novo Modern Umbrella Stand In Black This Umbrella stand isnt named "modern" for nothing! it is a special treat for all lovers of Art & Style yet it still delivers unmatched functionality for all uses whether it be in the home or office.

Novo Modern Umbrella Stand In Black Classic modern Umbrella Stand
Novo Modern Umbrella Stand In Black A modern twist on the traditional design
Novo Modern Umbrella Stand In Black Function and Style in one
Novo Modern Umbrella Stand In Black An elegant touch to your hallway
Novo Modern Umbrella Stand In Black Modern design with stable weighted base
Novo Modern Umbrella Stand In Black At an affordable price


22cm x 20cm x 46cm

Article about our Umbrella stands:

Buy our umbrella stands for your home and office, The umbrella stand is made out of a variety of long lasting materials. Umbrella stands in a variety of situations and locations, at home look forward to dropping your umbrella and coat on our stands and picking up a magazine on those rainy winter days; In the office get right down to work and use our stands to organize your coats and dry your umbrellas ready for end of shift, In your retail outlet earn the appreciation of your customers allow them to store there wet umbrellas and shop with ease!! Also you could purchase our lamp table with a handy magazine rack underneath, funky modern magazine rack, and great to have them around in small rooms, as the opaque nature of these pieces creates the illusion of radiance and room at all times.

Hence try our umbrella stands which can transform a bleak corner into a stylish center point in your hallway as well as create a warm environment in your office. We at www.furnitureinfashion.net are experienced suppliers and retailers who have the best skills to give you a striking look and feel which suits your needs well and make your office and home more beautiful and attractive.

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