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How to choose bedroom furniture Infographic Furniture in Fashion

Getting new Bedroom Furniture?
How to choose the right style?

Aside from the choice of lighting or the colour on the walls, for example, one of the key considerations will undoubtedly be your bedroom furniture.

After all, the kind of bedroom furniture you choose can have a major impact on how everything feels.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you pursue or what your tastes in bedroom furniture are, the following considerations will definitely make it easier to decide what kind of furniture pieces to buy for your personal sanctuary at home.

Let’s talk about
symmetry first

One of the first things you want to consider when choosing the right bedroom furniture is creating symmetry. How do we achieve this?

  • By choosing furniture pieces in twos and balancing the rest of the room with equally-sized pieces. That’s how!
  • For instance, matching nightstands and lamps on both sides of your bed is a good starting point. We’ll discuss a few tips on how to choose the right size, so stay glued!
  • Now, let’s say you have a large dresser in one corner of the room – you can balance it with another furniture piece on the opposite corner – such as a floor lamp, floor mirror, or a large piece of art, perhaps.
  • All of these will increase the overall impact of the print or texture.
  • While trying to create symmetry by buying two of the same pieces to cut down on the overall design decisions, we should also note that this is an excellent way to achieve more balance in the room as it helps in creating a well-thought-out look.
  • Finally, by attempting to create symmetry in our room before anything else, we can create a sense of calm, even if you ultimately decide on using bold colours and pieces.
  • Your eye will inevitably and instinctively rest on pairs of similar pieces – that’s just how our minds our wired!

To buy or not to buy
Furniture set

Depending on your individual needs and preferences, a furniture set may or may not be a good

In a traditional or formal bedroom, for example, a matched furniture set looks superb.

In a more casual style of bedroom, furniture sets might come off as boring or unoriginal. But again, this comes down to your personal preference.

Let’s consider both sides of the coin – if you want to create more interest than usual in your bedroom, then it may be best to choose pieces individually with varying colours, tones, and shapes.

By choosing pieces with unique tones and shapes, your room will no doubt look like it’s professionally designed.

On the other hand, if you choose the right kind of furniture sets – such as high-quality ones made from durable materials like glass, wood, and metal – then you just can’t go wrong. You can even choose your finish, including matte, gloss, and mirrored, to suit your unique bedroom décor

Consider your needs

  • Whether you’re looking to replace the old and tired-looking furniture in your bedroom or starting from scratch in a new home, you need to have a plan for what you actually need.
  • For instance, if you share a bed with someone, then you’d want to consider a nightstand.
  • It’s always a good idea to choose one that’s at least 5 inches higher or lower than your mattress. So, the 24-28 inch range is a good starting point.
  • If you or your partner is taller than usual, then you’re going to want a king-size bed with a footboard, perhaps.
  • If you really like a dresser you want for your bedroom, then it needs to have enough space to let you easily store all your clothes.
  • In addition, think about the lifestyle you live. Does the entire family pile up into your bed on those gloriously lazy Sunday mornings?
  • Do you have kids who love sleeping in your bed each night? Are there family pets who like to cuddle with you throughout the night?
  • Always pick a bed size that’s roomy enough for you, as well as others who like to use it regularly.

Yay or Nay?

  • Ah, yes – the great debate: to bedskirt or not to bedskirt? Well, this pretty much depends on your personal style and preference.
  • If you want to flaunt your beautiful bed frame, maybe it’s best to skip the skirt. If you don’t have a bed frame or you prefer to use the underbed for storage purposes, go for a bedskirt.
  • How do we choose the right one then? Go with a neutral tone; keep it tailored as opposed to a see-through one, and; add some interest if you like with a scallop detailed layer or contrast trim.

Choosing the right sized lamps

  • A good starting point for choosing the right lamp size is to go with shades that keep your lamp height at around 29-30 inches. This includes the shade.
  • Also, ensure that the shade is one-third to half of the height of the base.
  • As for the shape, choose a drum shade for a modern space, and a sloped one for a more traditional looking bedroom.

Bedroom functionality

  • Even though people use their bedrooms for rest, sleep, and relaxation mostly, you may want to use it as a multi-functional room.
  • In this case, additional pieces can help you achieve the vibe you’re after.
  • Bedroom tables such as a vanity or compact accent table are ideal if you want to create a dedicated space for doing paperwork, or for your partner/spouse to apply makeup.
  • Accent chairs work brilliantly if you plan on spending some time sitting beside a vibrant and sunny bedroom window to read or take in the view.

Furniture size to
room size ratio

A well-decorated bedroom must always consider the room-to-furniture ratio because the furniture size you choose must sit in harmony with your bedroom’s size.

Additionally, when you’re looking at furniture pieces at a showroom or on an online store, you might not think about whether it can fit through your doorway, for example, or any tight spots leading up to the bedroom.

If you’re not sure it will fit, it’s always a good idea to take quick measurements of the doorway or spaces through which the furniture must travel through in order to reach your bedroom. Share them with your furniture maker and wait for your awesome bedroom furniture to be delivered!

These are only some of the considerations which go into choosing the right bedroom furniture.

If you need further advice on choosing the perfect furniture pieces for your bedroom, Furniture in Fashion (FiF) is available to guide you, offering a highly diverse range of furniture for bedroom to help you personalise one of the most sacred places in your home.