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Most Popular Types of Dining Table and Chairs’ Set

The dining area of your home hosts your entire family and friends three times a day, hence it needs to be furnished with best furniture items available in the market. The main attraction of dining room is the pair of dining table and chairs which decides the theme and extent of style and grace that your home décor has to offer. There are numerous types of dining table and chairs' set available in market. Many furniture stores like Furniture in Fashion offers complete variety of these furniture items at an affordable price. Here is a short description of 3 most common types of dining table and chairs:-

Glass dining table and chairs

Glass is the element of contemporary and chic styling. Whether its glass shelves, or mirrored doors, every contemporary furniture has an element of glass in it. For modern furniture enthusiasts, glass dining tables and chairs are perfect option. Thinking of glass, one might presume that these dining sets are delicate, but this is not true in case of glass furniture offered by Furniture in Fashion. Glass dining tables featured by them are made up of thick tempered glass sheets. They are durable and can hold huge weights of your crockery items. Some dining tables and chairs offered by them are so modernized that you are actually able to observe a floating appearance of your food items when placed on crystal clear glass table tops. Dining chairs they provide, are always complementing with dining tables exhibiting a blend of sleek structure and comfortable seating.

Traditional or vintage dining table

Some people like to stay ahead of furniture trends, while others like to keep their home décor simple and elegant with traditional settings. Such individuals are fond of traditional dining table and chairs. Vintage dining tables are available with Furniture in Fashion in different shades and sizes. Along with a long lasting functionality, these dining table and chairs also act as a beautiful collection of antique items getting more attraction from your friends and family members. Another important feature of traditional or vintage dining table and chairs' set is that they are highly durable and made up of strong wooden material. The chairs are made up of similar material as table and hence the entire set displays a spectacular furniture beauty in the form of a well-matched dining furniture set.

Marble dining table and chairs

Use of marble in construction of dining tables is becoming popular day by day. A marble dining table and chairs' set is a faultless combination of both traditional and contemporary style of décor. While marble's shiny finish will attract your eyes, its strength and reliability will give you immense confidence of your perfect furniture selection. Marble dining tables serve best in dining areas because they are natural beauty. They are complimented with dining chair having back support made up of marble or wooden material that is given an identical marble finish. Furniture in Fashion deals in availability of various marble dining table and chairs' sets with different ranges of colors from plain black marble tables to elegant wooden shaded dining tables.