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How To Find Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas For TV Area

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If you are looking for some really impressive contemporary living room design ideas for TV area, you might have to do more than simply get a stylish TV stand and matching furniture units. Sure, while working on any decoration theme, furniture is very important. However, accessories play another important part in living room  (or any other room in this matter) decoration. And here are a couple of contemporary living room design ideas for TV area you might appreciate:

facebooktwittergooglepinterestPhoenix TV Stand In High Gloss White With Speakers And USB Port


Phoenix TV Stand In High Gloss White With Speakers And USB Port

Paint a wall behind the TV bright

The idea is not just unusual (well, relatively, of course) and stylish — it can also help to visually make the room look bigger. The colour you choose can be in tune with your accessories (drapes, rugs, etc.) or other furniture arrangements. Warm colours, like red and yellow, will give the room a relaxing cozy look. Cold ones, like blue and green, are great for sunlit rooms.

Save your room space with TV brackets

Even though TV stands are still quite common in a living room, this has more to do with the tradition rather than with the necessity. After all, most flat screen TVs can be hung on the wall, which is not only stylish and modern, but also functional and space efficient solution.

Highlight TV area with LEDs

A line of recessed LED lights above your TV area is a very effective and stylish solution for a contemporary living room. Or, if you are not yet ready to forget about a TV stand, you might want to check out a couple of models with integrated LED lights. The colours can be quite different, which is why a model like this will also give you a chance to play with your interior colour palette.

Combine black and white colours in the room

One more impressive contemporary living room design idea for TV area (or rather an entire living room, to be more specific) is to combine black and white furniture units or go with decorative black paint stripes on white walls. This makes the room seem higher, and it looks very classy and time relevant.

Go with a complete living room collection

And, of course, you can always check out complete furniture collections, designed for contemporary living rooms. They will generally include a TV stand, a couple of cabinets, sometimes — a sideboard.

Sure, finding a complete living groom collection that will meet your functional and style expectations may take a while. However, if you shop in the big stores, the selection will be more than impressive, which means that the chances of finding something you like will be quite higher, too. In the UK, a great example of a store that can offer hundreds of amazing interior decoration solutions is Furniture in Fashion . This local platform carefully choses its products, works only with reliable furniture manufacturers, and ensures quick delivery to any part of the country. So, you should definitely take a look at the website — you might find more than one collection to your liking.

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