How To Arrange Bedroom Furniture In A Rectangular Room

How To Arrange Bedroom Furniture In A Rectangular Room

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The beauty of having to arrange bedroom  furniture in a rectangular room is that you can play with your space in such an ingenious way. The main idea is to create a room that flows splendidly. There are some know-how’s that will transform an elongated room into a large, charming one. Just make a note of these tips on how to arrange bedroom furniture in a rectangular room:

Mingle with large and small furniture

Probably the number one rule when trying to arrange bedroom  furniture in a rectangular room is to avoid the temptation of overflowing it with furniture. Go for delicate pieces, both large and small, that will create a balance in a narrow space and will make it look roomy. In essence, it is all about fooling the eye.

Cut the space off

There is a smart trick that will change the appearance of a suffocating environment at one dash. You can still have plenty of space, despite the odds. Go for sectioning it like a puzzle. This way, you will create your own personal areas in the bedroom. For instance, create a reading spot in a corner to take advantage of the entire surface you have. Place your bookshelf and a compact, comfortable armchair in another corner to use up every centimetre in the room. The idea is to naturally form two or even three specific areas in one bedroom . Beautiful, isn’t it?

Do not forget about the angles

You have an elongated room to fill up with furniture, but that does not mean that you have to compromise on the available space. You can still get rid of the train carriage look by choosing a combination of furniture pieces that fit at an angle. It is easy to go for the wrong arrangement, but always remember that this is about playing with a long room. That does not necessarily mean that it has to be narrow, too. The key is to break up the long lines of the bedroom .

Maximize the floor space

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How will you do that? Simple, make the most of the upper part of the walls. For instance, a nice idea is to assemble a small library entirely made of shelves, instead of using one piece of furniture that steals your floor space. High floating shelves are also a good idea for decorating the room with your favorite photo memories and items. Just make sure you place them high enough so you can comfortably sit up.

Place your bed on your longest wall

Try to avoid placing the bed on a wall which shares a door or a closet, and go for the longest room wall instead. This way, you will give the impression of an interior that flows naturally and does not look like a tunnel. Another great idea is to take advantage of the light – make friends with bright colors and mirrors — it will help you to harmonize all the elements in the room.

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