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All of us admire and aspire to have large, spacious living rooms. Escalating real estate prices and match box style apartments have made it difficult to realize this dream.  But great designing ideas and tips make way for better arranged living rooms which are more functional and give the appearance of big spaces.

The thumb rule of designing applies for small living rooms too. Trick the eye to make small areas appear larger than they are. Such tricks will not only make the space seem larger but will also lend comfort and beauty to it. Maximizing light and judicious use of space, color, weight and scale can make a huge difference. Moving away from the traditional and thinking out of the box will give the room an aesthetic appeal along with a touch of creativity.

Listed below are a few tricks to make your living room appear large:

1)Draw attention to the vertical space: Very often while designing, we pay attention to the breath of a room ignoring the length of it. The length of a room can be used effectively to change the appearance of a room. Instead of going in for the traditional window treatments like blinds, draping the windows with flowing curtains draws attention to the vertical space, thus expanding the area of the room.

2) Floor to ceiling drapes are another great idea of drawing the eye upward.

Another stylish way of accomplishing this goal is by filling the vertical spaces with small to mid-size objet d’art.  As this technique allows the eye to roam beyond the confined horizontal space, it makes the appear larger than it actually is.

3)Use mirrors: Strategically placed mirrors help reflect light and make spaces feel larger than they actually are. This idea is the favorite of most designers when they want small spaces to appear larger. There are various innovative ways in which the mirrors can be used, like;

4)Hanging a large mirror in a central point, so that a focal point is created.

Putting the mirror behind a light source will reflect the light and create the perfect ambience.

4)Positioning a mirror across the window will reflect the view and light and give the illusion of another window.

5)Choosing architectural styled mirrors will give the illusion of an extra window or door.

6)Use appropriate colors: One of the most common tricks to make closed spaces appear larger is by using neutral colors for walls, ceiling, upholstery and floor. This color palette will give the appearance of pushed back walls making rooms appear larger than they actually are. Apart from the larger look, neutral colors illuminate the room and make the room appear more graceful and sophisticated.

7) Select furniture which is small scale and which appears light weight: Nothing can be more damning for a living room than selecting furniture which dominates the room. Considering the visual weight of the furniture piece will prevent you from making such mistakes. Going in for sleek furniture pieces, armless chairs and tightly upholstered sofas are a few of the options you can try.

Regardless of the size your living room, it should be a place where you share quality time with your family and friends most comfortably.


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