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Shoe Storage Ideass For Small Spaces

Many of us don’t have luxurious homes with large space. You may have small space in your room, so keeping all the things well organized is a big deal. Shoes are the things that you have to wear everyday while going out and you may have different types of for different occasions. Also, each member of your family have there own shoes, so keeping them at one place in a systematic way is important. If you are really running out of space, here are some of the best available ideas that can keep your shoes in a small available space and that too in a good manner and in a well organized fashion. Here are few shoe storage ideas that will help you organize your small space in the most efficient manner.

Shoes below the bed: You can utilize the space available below your bed for storing the shoes. If your beds bottom is very close to the floor that nothing can put or stored below it, you can buy a bed upriver that will increase the height of bed, creating space below your bed. This space then can be used for storing your shoes. In this way, you can utilize the space below your bed in an efficient manner, which is just perfect for small spaced homes. A wide variety of shoe storage cabinets come that can be kept below your bed. These shoe storage cabinets also come with a cover over it, which keeps your shoes safe from dust and other particles that may harm the shoe.

Shoe hanging over the back door: A wide variety of shoe holding hangers come that can be attached at the back of the door. They are made up of special fabrics and are available in attractive colors from which you can have a choice as per the color of your door. These shoe holders have a pouch kind of holder in which the shoe can be placed. They come in different sizes as well, so you can have a choice depending upon the total number of shoes you have that you want to put in it.

Shoe over wall with curtains: A tree like shoe storing rack or holder can be hanged on the wall. So, you can use the vertical space over the wall, keeping entirely free the small horizontal space for other use. In this way, you can store your shoes in a well organized fashion in small space availability.
Shoes cubes: You can store your shoes in shoe cubes that are small in sizes and can be used for seating purposes also, so you can buy a shoe cube that can be placed in your small spaces as a part of your furniture and can also be used for storing your shoes..