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Make a room look neater with the help of a side table with magazine storage

There is just simply no end of the ways and things you can decorate your house with. And even your office. From attractive flooring to expensive furniture, you can get a lot of things to attract your guests and keep them busy. In addition, the even better news is that, you do not necessarily have to get expensive and extravagant items to attract such attention. There are now in fact, many items available on the market for a reasonable price. One such eye catching and trendy piece of furniture is a side table with magazine storage.

Instead of keeping a heap of magazines on your table or on a shelf, you now have a whole table especially made for the purpose of getting organized. In addition, such a table can simply add beauty and style to your room. These tables come in many attractive designs and can be made of such as wood, glass, wrought iron or plastic. Some side tables with magazine storage have a separate bag either attached or hanging from the table that gives you multiple uses: a whole table to study, eat or whatever you like on and a magazine storage space too! Some serve just for storage and contain small separate portions where you can slip your newspaper in to keep them arranged properly. I like one particular style personally. It is a dark rosewood table with magazine storage space in the middle and table tops at both ends. It has a small separate section to slip the paper in and you can study, eat, read and have your coffee at the same time on the same table! read more