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How room space planning with walnut living room furniture can benefit you?

Walnut living room furniture is an up and coming trend at the moment. It's not really difficult to see why this should be so. There are three main reasons: walnut's looks, its ease of maintenance and its looks. Of course here we are not talking about burr walnut, which would be a volume on its own, but "ordinary" walnut. It's not a coincidence that Chippendale was most usually made of walnut. Properly cared for walnut gradually takes on a deep brown sheen, which simply looks incredible. To look after walnut, you simply ensure that it is waxed occasionally (most spray on furniture polish is fine) and of course dusted. As to its longevity, well look at Chippendale: there are many still existing pieces made by the man himself and that was well over 200 years ago. There is one final advantage to walnut: it's robust. I will stand up to the odd knock and scrape. The wood won't split or crack all the way through. Still, you don't want to have it being knocked and bumped all the time. That's where room space planning comes to your aid..

Okay, you've decided to buy walnut living room furniture. I would strongly suggest you get a sheet of graph paper and sketch out your room's dimensions as accurately as you can. In pencil! Mark on the graph paper the door or doors into the room and items that you want to keep where they are, perhaps your television or a cabinet. What you will have produced is, in effect a space plan. Again with pencil, sketch in where people move regularly, such as between the doors, from the door to a sofa and so on. Now comes the thinking part. read more