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Antique oak dining tables

History of tables has started from Egyptians who used elevated boards for seating and eating. The Greeks and Romans made tables of marble, wood and metal with richly ornate legs. Complexity in patterns and traces were highest in castles and large manor houses of upper class Britons. Their antique pieces are available in classic domestic dining room table or as luxurious parlour dining tables. Only a few are still seen in European homes. We are lucky to have trodden down flair of highly skilled craftsmen who have made the replicas of antique oak dining tables from Germanic period. An antique table in solid oak is a perfect addition to any household. Its open and flat surface makes it distinguished among other items. Whether it is used for dining or just preserved as an invaluable asset, antiques are catchy for every eye.

There are many fashionable pieces from eighteenth century that have a decorating effect even in plain and smooth finish. Plain pieces were invented in Asia. Chinese and Japanese works influenced some French artisans. In smaller homes of eighteenth and nineteenth century, tables were designed with natural stains and scars. Oak being a tree of European lands, can be seen in most homes at countryside. In some remote areas oak dining tables and shelves were also used to mature cheese.

In the choice of wood oak is solid, sturdy and also holds its carvings for generations. An antique dining suite had in most cases two carvers and six chairs in its surrounding. Some of the reserved pieces are known to have mosaic work on them. These tables were royal and are out of reach for us. So let us concentrate on bringing one into your home. Even today some fabricators have made dining tables using beautiful settings of marquetry. This art is used with many colours of wood. As we say about oak, it has light yellowish tincture and also dark and dusky pigment. In old days this art was developed by using special oils to treat the wood. Today opted raisins are added to bring out the desired hue and also to make the art long lasting.

Oak has a rich history since neo-classical times. Ancient dining tables made of oak stood on fluted legs. Many other antique items are also valuable but antique oak dining tables are treasures. Even today imitations of these traces are sculpted at some stores. Oak wood, having rich inherent properties is chosen by almost every household in the United Kingdom. Their value is also indispensable. Oak in light colour is used for modern styles, while its brownish brother is prevalent in precious dated arts.

You can find some of these heirloom imitations at Furniture in Fashion. You can find there oak wood dining tables in both light and dark shades. They are abnormally fine and welcomes their guests. You will also admire antique oak dining tables in Aston. Some sets have chairs with grilled back support and some others are cushioned and upholstered. Visit Furniture in Fashion to bring home these darling pieces.