Small Coffee Tables For Small Spaces And Their Successful Integration

Small Coffee Tables For Small Spaces And Their Successful Integration

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Finding small coffee tables for small spaces is not difficult; yet, working with interior decoration in space-limited rooms – usually is. Even though compact furniture  definitely offers some kind of a solution, there are other guidelines you will have to bear in mind while working on your living room interior. If you want to optimize your space, leave as much room for yourself as it is technically possible, while at the same time equipping your living room with all the necessary furniture items, here is the list of things you should do:

Small Coffee Tables For Small Spaces And Their Successful Integration


Small Coffee Tables For Small Spaces And Their Successful Integration

Consider your room shape

Your room shape is of primary importance, because it defines your furniture layout. If, for example, you have a narrow and long room, you should look for ways to make it a bit more proportional visually. You will have to place most of your furniture next to your ‘shorter’ walls, while at the same time trying to keep longer ones as open as possible. This way, you will visually optimize your room size and make it look less tunnel-like.

Find the perfect spot for your table

The spot matters. Technically, small coffee tables for small spaces can be placed anywhere, but you should make sure that the table is not in your way. Think of your typical day in a living room, imagine how you move – then, you will see if the spot you have in mind is a good idea.

Define the material you need

You should consider the material of other furniture items in your room and find a coffee table that would be made of the same stuff – no matter what it is – MDF, wood, or even plastic. While combining different materials (like wood and glass, for instance), make sure that your interior does not feature more than two different elements. While this may be ok for spacious rooms, limited spaces will not benefit from the arrangement.

Stick to visually compact colours

Black is one of the most compact colours there are. But, on the whole, any neutral colour is visually compact.

Downsize on accessories

Avoid gaudy accessories –they catch the eye and tend to create cluster in limited-space rooms. Also, try to avoid too many shelves, wall frames and avoid floor lamps. Try sticking to the essential items. You do not have to live like a Spartan, but if you have a chance to cut down some corners – do it.

Consider hidden storage options

Storage units are essential, especially if your room is small. Some coffee tables feature hidden storage, which can always come in handy.

Finally, do not forget to regularly clean up. No matter how small your coffee table  may, a dusty pile of old magazines on its surface will cluster any room – even the biggest one. It’s all about impressions, and a messy room will always look clustered. Always. So, if you live in a compact apartment, you will have to teach yourself to hide all of your junk away – otherwise, no cunning interior decoration schemes or space-optimization loopholes will help to achieve the desired effect.

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