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5 Tips To Build A Shoe Storage Cabinet

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If you have carefully considered all the pluses and minuses, associated with making your own furniture, and are now ready to build a shoe storage cabinet on your own, you should not forget that there is a bit more to the process than finding a more or less decent shoe storage cabinet  building scheme. Apart from the DIY plan itself, you will also have to consider a couple of minor details, such as time required, material range, and so on. On the whole, 5 of these useful tips should be enough to help you build a shoe storage cabinet:

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  5 Tips To Build A Shoe Storage Cabinet

Do not start until you carefully consider your dimensions

Most people choose to build a shoe storage cabinet on their own because of unusually shaped hallways, that are also very space limited. So, standard DIY plans are not always helpful – most of them feature the same ‘factory settings’. So, you should not start working on your cabinet until you carefully consider you dimensions. In other words, get ready to change DIY scheme proportions to meet your own needs.

Choose simple DIY plans

Another useful suggestion is to stick to very simple, very basic DIY plans. Sure, it is not that difficult to build a shoe storage cabinet on your own, but if you have little experience in the area, you should stick to easy plans and schemes. And, let’s be honest – what kind of designer complexity can you expect from a shoe storage unit?

Stick to basic materials

To make sure the process goes smooth, do not choose any ‘complicated’ materials. Most DIY schemes will be designed for wood and MDF, so do not try to reinvent the wheel and stick to the basics.


Do not compromise on fixation quality

You will also have to buy plenty of different fixation parts, and it is very important to choose the ones of high quality. Even though you will not notice these little parts, they are one of the elements defining your piece durability – and usability, too.

Include required time in your ‘expense list’

Do not forget that time is money. If you are building your own furniture because you think that it is more affordable than buying ready-made one, add your average per hour rate in the estimated expense list. Even if you are looking for a new hobby – still do, simply out of curiosity.

If you decide that it is better to buy a ready made unit than to build a shoe storage cabinet on your own, take a look at the selection at Furniture in Fashion . This is one of the best UK e-commerce platforms to buy furniture at. First of all, product selection is enormous, and 99% of the listed items are available in stock. Second – the company has an established network of reliable suppliers, which accounts for the finest quality of every distributed furniture piece. And, finally, the delivery time is surprisingly short – unlike the majority of sites, working from outside the country, Furniture in Fashion  guarantees a maximum 3 business days delivery of compact items.

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